Body Kit Aerodynamics

Written by zandeauto
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A body kit is often thought of as an enhancement in your cars appearance, but it is much more than in upgrade in style. You can actually increase the performance and handling of your ride as well as improving the aerodynamics of your cars body.

Underbody lift is an issue when driving at high speeds. The faster you drive the more air is forced under your cars body. This can cause you to lose control of your car, or give you poor handling performance. Just imagine turning on a fan that is pointed at a piece of paper on the table. Once the wind from that fan kicks on, it goes right under that piece of paper and lifts it right up off the table. This is what happens to your car.

You can redirect some of that wind over the top of your car with a body kit. By moving more of the air over the top of the car will create down force helping to press your car down toward the road giving you better traction, and decreasing your possibilities of losing control.

There are other components that can help with creating down force to different sides of the car. A wind splitter will help to put more down force on the front of the car. A Wind Splitters is a protruding flat surface in the front of a car that is designed to decrease front end lift and exert down force. Front bumper canards are also used to add down force at the front of the car. The added down force stabilizes the cars chassis during hard cornering and increases traction for faster lap times. An adjustable wing or spoiler will assist in the down force at the rear of the car. As the air passes over the top of the cars body it comes in contact with the wing pressing down creating better rear end traction. Some wings are adjustable so you can tune your traction by adjusting the angle of your wing.

Not all air can be redirected from under your car, but you can help the air that goes under your car move smoothly to reduce any sort of turbulence. A rear diffuser will help redirect and transition high speed air into low pressure in the rear. This will allow all of your other aerodynamic components to work at a greater capacity.

With all of these items on your car you will be sure to have the best handling ride with the best aerodynamics. Add a body kit, wind splitter, an adjustable wing, canards, and a rears diffuser to your car and you will be set.

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