Wide Body Kits

Written by zandeauto
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Do you want your car to have a wider more aggressive stance? A Wide Body kit will give you the aggressiveness that your car needs to intimidate your competition. Typical body kits contain a front and rear bumper and side skirts. With a wide body kit you get much more. These kits also include a rear and wider front bumper, side skirts, and front and rear fenders or fender flares. This will allow you to add wider wheels and tires to your car giving it a broader stance. This will increase handling around corners and at higher speeds as well.

You don't have to drive a race car to get one of these body kits. You can get them for many makes and model cars on the market today. You can dress up your everyday driver, enhance your modified sports car, or improve your competition race car.

There are some top name brands out there to look for when shopping for a wide body kit or anybody kit in general. Extreme Dimensions is one of my favorite, they have a wide variety of body kits to choose from and for most any make or model. They have a blend of materials they use called duraflex that makes a very durable product. AIT Racing is another quality brand that also has their own material that they call a plastic resin that is supposed to be durable and has a quality fitment as well. Some of the other top brands are Wings West, Vis Racing, Buddy Club, Veilside, and Razzi.

You can choose from these top brands in all types of materials including some custom blends, Fiberglass, Urethane, or even Carbon Fiber. All of these have their pros and con's. Of course the custom blends have combined the best of materials to make a unique quality body kit. Fiberglass is inexpensive and makes your ride look hot. Unfortunately a fiberglass body kit doesn't hold up as well as Urethane. Although urethane is more expensive you will get more out of it for your money. My opinion is that if you have the cash for it invest it in one of the more quality materials such as urethane or other custom blends. If you are strapped for cash and you want a quick facelift for your ride, then pick up the fiberglass kit. No matter what your choice is, the end result will be a smoking hot ride.

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