Boat Donation Charities

Written by Johnny Kitchens
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Most charities that have the capability to accept a car donation have the capability to accept a boat donation. To accept such bulky gifts, charities need to have a system in place for towing a vehicle from where it is parked to a holding location and then on to an auction. They cannot legally drive it because they usually do not carry insurance for such purposes. To mitigate the expense and staffing requirements of such an operation, many charities contract the work to a processing company for a greatly discounted rate.

Most processing companies that work with charities have the capability to tow a boat as well as a car. As far as the charities are concerned, the type of vehicle or craft is of little concern except insofar as it is in good running condition and can be sold to the highest bidder. Smaller charities may have more difficulty in managing such a donation if they do not work with a processing company or if they work with one that is limited in its capabilities.

Discovering whether your chosen charity can accept such a donation is as simple as calling them on the phone and speaking to someone who knows. You should feel free to inquire about the fees charged to the charity by their processing company and to do some background-checking on them. Since the processor is usually the person with whom you will be dealing and in whose care you will be placing your car, you want to be certain they are strictly legitimate.

Actually Making Your Boat Donation

You will usually receive some paperwork when you notify the charity of your intention to donate a boat that authorizes them to accept the donation. Once you sign and submit these forms, a pick-up time will be scheduled and you will need to transfer the title over to them. You should then receive a formal letter of receipt (and probably thanks) which will entitle you to deduct the fair-market value of your boat on that year's tax return. You may also feel a warm glow from your good deed.

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