Boat Donations

Written by Johnny Kitchens
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A boat donation to a charity is not the frivolous sort of donation some people might think it to be. When items like boats, cars, and recreational vehicles are donated to charities, the charities rarely put them to use within their organizations. The vast majority of the time, the vehicles are picked up and transported to auction or to verification with a representative of the charity and then taken to an auction holding lot. The asset is then liquidated and the proceeds go to the charity.

This is what makes the donation of a boat or other pleasure vehicle so good. It is the value of the item that matters, not its built-for purpose. There are rare occasions when a vehicle that a charity receives as a donation will be put to work in the organization (usually with vehicles like passenger vans, cargo vans, buses, or the like). Far more often than not, however, the proceeds from the sale of the vehicle will do more good for the charity than the vehicle itself.

The majority of boats that come in as donations have seen better days but boats that are in serious states of disrepair are usually not accepted. This is because they must be repaired and brought into good working condition before they can be sold and the repair costs can turn into a net loss for the charity. To donate a boat, make certain that it is in at least good running condition. It does not have to be perfect, but it should not require major repairs.

The Technical Procedure for Donating a Boat to Charity

To donate your boat, you will first need to contact the charity and tell them the make and model of the boat and your intention to donate it. They will probably have a processing and transportation company come and pick it up. (This usually saves the charity time and money.) Before that can happen, you will have to fill out and sign some paperwork authorizing the donation and you will need to sign the title over to them. You should also receive a formal letter of receipt for tax purposes.

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