California Car Donations

Written by Rylee Newton
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If you live in California and you want to donate your car to a local or national charity, there are plenty of pickup locations to choose from. There are several different charity programs that offer same-day towing service for people who want to donate their cars. Donating a car in California is an efficient and convenient way to help out in your community.

If you want to have your car picked up, you need to contact the charity directly either by phone or e-mail. Most major cities in California have pickup locations. California is a large state, but most organizations still send tow trucks out to all regions.

California-Based Car Donation Programs

When donating a car, it's always a good idea to select a charitable organization that's close to your heart. You may decide to give to a group that focuses on a single effort, but it can also be wonderful to donate to an all-encompassing charity. Some groups are able to fund a variety of causes, such as computer literacy, education, AIDS care, and so on.

Another way to have your donation felt is to give internationally. Even the smallest donations to developing countries make big differences. Donating an entire vehicle can have a large and lasting effect. By working with an international organization, your gift can aid, for example, both AIDS orphans in sub-Saharan African and tsunami victims in Indonesia.

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