Car Donation

Written by Rylee Newton
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People all around the world are in need of basic medical supplies that Americans tend to take for granted. If you want to make a contribution that truly changes lives, you can donate a car to a vehicle donation program and help fund the purchase of badly-needed bandages and antibiotics. In fact, there are many different causes you can contribute to by donating a car that you no longer want.

No matter what your favorite cause is, the odds are good that you can help by donating a vehicle. More agencies are taking car and truck (and in some cases, RV and boat) donations than ever before. Both parties benefit, as you can get rid of a car with no hassles, and the organization can earn some money to fund their work. While most people would be hesitant to cough up hundreds or thousands of dollars for a single donation, by donating a vehicle, you're doing just that in a pretty painless way. Another side benefit is that you can take a tax deduction for the sale price of the vehicle.

Title and Registration, Please

When you donate a car, it is processed, repaired and sold at auction. The final sale price of your vehicle determines the amount you can write-off on your taxes. Before your car can be sold, you need to transfer the title. The processing center should provide you with all the paperwork you need to successfully take care of all the paperwork.

After you donate a car to charity, you are no longer liable for insurance, parking tickets or registration fees. If the registration expires before your car is picked up, you are responsible for the renewal fees. If you receive a parking violation or other ticket in the mail, it's important to check back in with the donation center or the charity. If you receive a ticket, it's possible that the DMV and other state authorities have not received a paperwork that releases you from liability for your donated car.

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