Car Donation In Arizona

Written by Johnny Kitchens
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Arizona has the type of climate in which a car can live forever, so long as it is reasonably protected from the elements and otherwise cared for. However, you do not have to wait until a car is on its next to last leg to donate it to charity. In fact it is better for both you and your chosen charity if you donate it sooner rather than later. Also, most charities cannot even accept the donation of any vehicle that is not at least in relatively sound running condition.

By donating earlier, you can receive a larger tax deduction for the donation because the deduction is tied to the fair-market value of the vehicle at the time it was donated. At a certain age a car's value levels out but before that time it drops more steeply. One year can make a large difference and that difference will likely be reflected in the price the charity gets for the car at auction. In a charity's budget, that difference can be immense.

The process for donating a vehicle is simply a matter of contacting them, telling them what type of vehicle it is, and guaranteeing that it is in running condition. They will then send someone (in their organization or with their processing company) to pick it up and haul it off. You will need to fill out and sign a few forms authorizing the donation and you will need to sign over the title but that is it. In return you should get a letter confirming the donation for your taxes.

Geographical Limitations on Car Donations

Arizona is like many other states with low populations per square mile, in that geographical concerns come more into play when donating an unneeded vehicle. If a charity cannot reasonably afford to have it towed from where you are to where they are, they may not be able to accept it. In such cases, you can either take it to them or you can try another charity that may be closer to you. Geographical limitations can also vary significantly from charity to charity (even between ones located in the same city), so keep trying.

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