Car Donation In New York

Written by Johnny Kitchens
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Donating a car to charity in New York allows the donor to deduct the fair-market value of the automobile at the time of donation on both their state and federal income tax returns. This benefit is in addition to the pleasure of knowing that you have done something good for a worthy cause. There is also no shortage of worthy causes to which you can donate in the Empire State.

As a central part of the world economy, most every major charity is represented in New York and has the capability to accept car donations. Though this is less true upstate in more rural areas than in the state's metropolitan centers, donating a car in New York is really very simple. All you need to do is contact a few of your favorite charities and see which ones accept car donations. Then you can pick which one to give to and set up the donation.

Charities have always accepted car donations but in recent years (and especially in more heavily populated areas) charities have begun to use the services of transportation and processing companies to handle donated vehicles. Some charities never even see the vehicles that are donated, only the proceeds from their sale. The downside is that this can lead to shenanigans by disreputable companies. Take some time to learn about the processing company your charity uses if it does so.

How to Donate a Rusted Junker

Charities can usually only accept vehicles that are at least running. If you can get it running with a few minor repairs, they may be able to see some profit after the expense of towing and processing. Otherwise, you may have to get more creative. If you have a real junker and you want to do something good with it, consider selling it for scrap and donating the proceeds. Perhaps you could donate it to a school district and let the school raise money by charging a dollar to whack it with a sledgehammer.

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