Car Donation Projects

Written by Rylee Newton
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If you're tired of looking out into your driveway to find that old clunker taking up space, you can do something about it. Several years ago charitable organizations begin taking in used vehicles, and selling them for cash. Today just about every major charitable organization has a vehicle donation program. Many local programs raise funds through vehicle donations as well.

Donate Your Car for a Good Cause

Donating a vehicle is a great opportunity to provide much needed funds to your favorite charity. The disastrous tsunami of December 2004 has sparked worldwide aid efforts. You may want your car donation to go to a charity that is helping to rebuild ravaged countries like Indonesia and Sri Lanka. Since the Red Cross has spearheaded the relief efforts in the US, you may want to check that the organization you give to is working with this group.

Improving the lives of the physically challenged is another cause that is near and dear to many. For example, while polio has largely been eradicated in the US, the disease continues to spread in other parts of the world, leaving many children immobile. Organizations are working in countries such as India, where treatment is not available to most, to rehabilitate those who have been crippled by polio.

No matter what your cause or passion is, there is an organization to support it. If you have many passions, you might consider donating your car to an umbrella organization that provides funding to numerous grassroots projects. In this way, your single donation can help people all around the world. On thing to look for, however, is a group that has few administrative costs. Too many charities have a large percentage of overhead costs, meaning that the money raised by your donation reaches fewer people. You can prevent this by doing some simple research on any given group before making the donation.

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