Car Donation Resources

Written by Johnny Kitchens
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Car donations were not always as widely accepted or as widely offered as they are now. Now you can find charities advertising their abilities to process car donations on television, in newspapers, on their websites, and in the phone book. Charities have discovered that vehicle donations can generate a great stream of income. If you have specific charities in mind, you should not hesitate to call and ask them.

Neither should you have to look too hard to find a way to donate your unneeded vehicle to charity. This is true whether you are looking to donate a car, a truck, a boat, an RV, or a three-wheeler. Most charities that can accept one can accept the others. Once the system is in place, it is very easy to process vehicles and water craft of all kinds. The only hitch is that the vehicle should be in running condition so that it can bring a reasonable price at auction.

Charities auction off donated vehicles because the money will usually do more for them than the vehicles themselves. Operating vehicles creates insurance costs, maintenance costs, city fees and taxes, and so on. Most charities attempt to keep their costs down so that their resources can go to their charitable works--or at least they should. (Before you donate, you should check to see how much of your donation will be eaten up by fees and administrative costs.)

The Process of Donating a Vehicle

Unless you are geographically distant from your chosen charity, the process is quite simple. They send you some forms to sign and return, set up a time to pick up the donated vehicle, and then they come and pick it up. (If you are outside of their geographical limitations, you may still be able to drive it to them and drop it off.) Once you sign over the title and get your receipt (for tax purposes), your part in the process is done.

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