Car Donation In Seattle

Written by Johnny Kitchens
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As the dominant city in the Pacific Northwest, Seattle is home to a wide variety of charitable organizations (local, regional, and national). You can take your pick from environmental organizations, religious organizations, scientific organizations, health-related organizations, and so on. Whatever your preference you are almost certain to find an organization that can accept and benefit from the donation of your vehicle.

Over the last few decades, charities have discovered the significant stream of income that can be derived from accepting the donation of used cars and trucks. These donated vehicles can be quickly sold at auction and the proceeds can be immediately put to work. In the past, charities were somewhat hampered by the need to train staff and expend man-hours towing vehicles, preparing them for sale, and then trying to sell them. That has changed.

The major change came about with the rise of transportation and processing companies that specialize in working with charities. They took over the burden of towing and processing the vehicles and the charities were able to more easily accept large numbers of donated cars and trucks. This has also made it more possible for charities to accept bulky items like boats, buses, and recreational vehicles. These companies also usually only charge minimal fees to the charities.

The Process of Donating a Car in Seattle

The process for a car donation is pretty simple. You simply need to contact the charity and inquire whether or not they can accept it. (If the car is running, they usually can.) They will then send you some forms to fill out, sign, and return. A pick-up time will be scheduled and a representative will come to take possession. You will need to sign over the title and they will haul it away. Your proof of donation (for tax purposes) will be a formal letter of receipt.

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