Charity Car Donations

Written by Johnny Kitchens
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More charities are understanding the value of setting up a system for accepting the donation of a car, truck, or recreational vehicle. For years many charities did not have the time or the resources to put into picking up, transporting, preparing, and selling vehicles. There were a number of factors involved in changing that but the major change came from the introduction of transportation and processing companies that handled charitable donations.

These companies performed all of the necessary services for a small fee and gave the proceeds to the charity. Often the end result was actually an increased donation after expenses or one that was only slightly decreased. You should ask your chosen charity whether they use a processing company and you should feel free to check up on them before you make your donation. It has unfortunately been the case in the past that lesser-known charities have been taken by disreputable processing companies.

When you donate a car or truck to your favorite charity, you are helping everyone involved. Your charity gets a sizeable financial contribution from the sale of the vehicle, you get a sizeable tax deduction, and the person that purchases the donated car at auction usually gets a pretty good deal. Still there are some restrictions on what can be donated. A car must be running and you must have possession of the title in order to donate it; otherwise, most charities cannot accept it.

Making Your Donation Count

Though charities accept cars in all conditions (as long as they run), the better condition the car is in and the more in-demand the model, the more benefit the charity receives. If your car needs a few minor repairs, consider having the work done yourself in order to save the charity the expense and increase its resale value. You might also consider donating a vehicle earlier while it is still in good condition. These considerations will make your donation that much more valuable.

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