Donate Cars Online

Written by Johnny Kitchens
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Okay, so you cannot physically donate your car online (technology has not yet gotten to that point), but you can find charities that will accept your car donation online. Some charities even allow you to fill out the necessary forms and submit an electronic signature online. As for the rest of it, someone will still have to come to where you are, with a tow truck, and haul your donated car off to their holding lot to await auction.

Authorizing a donation online is actually a wonderful way to go. It takes much less time than sending forms back and forth through the mail and there is no postage. (The postage issue may be minimal on your end but some charities save significant amounts this way.) The charity that receives your donation in this way can see the proceeds from the sale of your vehicle in much less time than it can otherwise take.

When the representative from the charity (or the representative of the transportation and processing company that works with the charity) comes to pick up the car, you will need to sign the title over to them. The title should be signed over to the charity unless they specifically instruct you to do otherwise. At that point, you should also receive a formal letter confirming your donation that you can keep for your taxes.

Make the Most of Your Car Donation

If your car needs a few minor cosmetic enhancements (like some scratches that can be buffed out or some tears in the upholstery that can be mended) consider taking care of it before you donate it. This also goes for small things like a dead battery or a couple of missing hoses. Such actions can increase the resale value of the car and the charity may not have the time or the money to do it. You will not get a bigger tax break out of it but it can help out the charity even more.

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