Donate My Car

Written by Rylee Newton
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Car donation programs are a great way to contribute to the charity of your choice. As the worldwide AIDS crisis reaches a new high, more people are looking for creative ways to help out. By getting rid of a car that doesn't run or isn't selling, you can help entire countries while getting a nifty tax benefit for yourself.

Groups that work with AIDs victims often accept used vehicles such boats, cars, trucks and RVs, and sell them for cash. Your vehicle doesn't even have to be in great condition to donate it to this cause, and many others like it. As long as there is some value in your vehicle, you can donate it to help raise money to help those who suffer from this tragic disease.

Supporting Your Favorite Charity

One of the most beneficial ways to give is to donate to an organization that works in Africa and Asia, where the spread of the disease is reaching devastating proportions. In some areas of Africa (sub-Saharan African has been hit the hardest), it is estimated that three out of four men will contract AIDS in their lifetimes. Some charities focus on education, others on AIDS orphans, others on treatment, and some focus on all aspects of the epidemic.

While AIDS is a cause that is close to the hearts of many, there are many other car donation programs in the United States. No matter if you want to help fund medical research, provide food and shelter for the homeless, or sponsor activities in your local community, you can find a charitable organization that can use your vehicle. If you want to write-off your donation, it's important to find a charitable organization that is classified by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) organization.

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