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Written by Rylee Newton
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When it comes to non-cash donations, you can donate everything from used computers and clothing to cars, RVs and boats. One of the best ways to search for donation locations near you is to log onto the Internet. Since most people write these donations off on their taxes, it is important to work with an organization that provides you with an accurate record. Your donation receipt should include: the date of donation, the name of the charity, and a value assessment or receipt from the sale of your item.

Online Charitable Organizations

A while ago, I decided to donate a used computer to a charity. Little did I know that I would find hundreds of charitable organizations when I searched online for a donation website. Some of the best organizations for donating computers and electronics include: Another Byte, the World Computer Exchange, Share the Technology, and Computers for Kids.

If you want to donate your used clothing, you can find a number of websites that specialize in everything from baby clothes to clothing for people with special needs. One of the most unique organizations online is called the Glass Slipper Project. This website takes donations of formal clothing for Chicago high school students in need of prom outfits.

If you have a bigger item such as a car or boat, you can still find some organizations that will pick up your vehicle for free. These organizations take your used cars and other vehicles and sell them at auction to raise funds for a variety of different charities. Be sure to work with an organization that is certified by the IRS, so that you can write off the donation on your taxes.

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Help me Dare To Dream in the world of Interior Design