International Tsunami Donations

Written by Rylee Newton
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When the tsunami devastated the shores of eastern Asia and southern Asia, the world community gathered together to help. Nations large and small joined together to provide relief for one of the largest natural disasters in history. The millions of dollars contributed by nations around the world have made a difference in the rebuilding of coastal communities, but so much more is needed to restore the land to its former beauty.

Immediately following the tsunami, local and national organizations and businesses stepped up to raise money for relief efforts. Now we need to do everything we can as a global community to continue to raise funds for the victims. If you want to help out, you can donate your time and money.

The World Unites

One of the best ways to get funds to their destination in a timely manner is to donate online. Many national organizations have set up special websites for tsunami relief. You can log onto these websites and safely enter credit card and debit card information. Even a small donation of five dollars or less can make a difference.

Another way to help is to donate your car, boat, truck or recreational vehicle. There are several different car donation services that allow you to choose where the money from the sale of your car goes. You will also be able to write off your donation as tax-deductible.

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