Philanthropy Ideas

Written by Rylee Newton
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As someone who is active in the creative community in Los Angeles, I have been a part of several different creative fundraising efforts. Over the past couple of years I have attended and participated in benefits to raise money for animal shelters and homeless shelters in the local area. I have also participated in fundraisers for battered women, political parties, and tsunami victims. If you want to organize your own relief efforts, or create a philanthropic organization to raise funds for your favorite cause, you can do so too.

One of the most important things to consider when organizing a philanthropic event or organization is financial accountability. If you plan on operating as a non-profit organization, you need to file with the federal government. As you probably know, most people feel more comfortable giving their money to reputable, legally recognized organizations.

Getting the Word out

The most successful money raising events and organizations always focus on communication. It's essential to let people know where their money is going. In addition, most people like to read some sort of progress report. You can send out a monthly newsletter or create an official website to update people about developments and progress. Staying in constant communication is a great way to develop a loyal following for your cause.

As your philanthropy continues to grow, it's always a good idea to hire a communications expert or publicist. This person acts as a liaison between your organization and the community at large. In addition, this person helps to ensure that your efforts receive media attention. If you really want to boost your exposure, you can even hire a specialist to help you attract celebrities to your cause.

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