Rv Donations

Written by Johnny Kitchens
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Donating a recreational vehicle can be even better for the receiving charity than donating a regular vehicle. RVs are usually much more expensive than regular cars and can bring more revenue if they are sold at auctions where people expect to find RVs. (The more bidders there are for an item, of course, the more money an item will bring in.) However, even older RVs with lower resale values can be a great boon to charities.

Charitable donations are, of course, almost always tax deductible and you are allowed to deduct the fair-market value of the vehicle no matter what it eventually brings at auction. (For specific information regarding donations and deductions from a tax viewpoint, you should speak with your tax professional.) You should also be certain that you receive some sort of formal letter and/or receipt for your donation from the charity as proof of the donation.

The actual process of donating a recreational vehicle to charity is pretty simple. You simply need to contact the charity and let them know your intention. They will then either contact their processing company and have them pick up the vehicle and transport it to the auction holding lot or they will ask you to do so. You will need to fill out a few forms that authorize the acceptance of the donation and you will need to sign over the title to the charity.

Restrictions on the Donation of RVs

As with any other vehicle, your RV must be in at least somewhat good running condition in order to be acceptable. If the charity has to do repair work to make the RV sell-able, it can result in a net loss for the charity and that is hardly the point of donating to charity. You must also have physical possession of the title or the charity cannot sell the vehicle, neither could they legally keep and operate the vehicle without the proper title to it.

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