Sail Boat Donations

Written by Johnny Kitchens
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By this point in time, most people are aware that they can donate their old cars to charity. They are not always aware, however, that they can donate many other sorts of vehicles and water craft. If a charity has the capability to accept and process a car donation, they can also probably accept and process a motor boat donation, a sail boat donation, a recreational vehicle donation, a motorcycle donation, an all-terrain vehicle donation, a truck donation, a van donation, and so on.

The main criterion for accepting a vehicle donation is that it must be in running condition or very near. (For example, if the only thing missing is a battery, that may be acceptable.) Sail boats are in a bit of a different class because, even though they do often have motors, they must have all of the required rigging. Any pieces of equipment that are required but are missing or damaged can greatly decrease the resale value of the boat. A donation must be able to bring a price that will cover all fees and leave a respectable sum for the charity.

If you are able to make any small repairs that can increase the boat's resale value (like repairing a torn sail, replacing rotted ropes, or scraping the hull) you should consider doing so. Small investments of time and/or money before donation can result in greatly increased profit for the charity. You are not required, of course, to bring it into perfect condition but a charity may not be able to accept a boat that has fallen into a complete state of disrepair.

Choosing the Charity to which You Will Donate Your Sail Boat

Geographical considerations can have an impact on who can accept your donation. Your boat must be close enough that the charity can afford to have it towed to their holding facility. They must also have the means for assessing its value and actually transporting it. This is usually not a problem but it is definitely something you should ask them about. One call should do it and they should be able to set up a pick-up time and get the process started. If they are unable to accept it, simply move to the next one on your list.

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