Truck Donations

Written by Johnny Kitchens
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To donate a truck to charity, you need to contact the charity in question to see if they can accept vehicle donations and if they can accept it in its current condition. You will also need to have the title and all appropriate documentation on hand. The title is absolutely necessary or they cannot legally take possession of the vehicle. The other documentation like repair histories and such go only towards increasing the resale value of the truck.

Charities that accept truck donations, take the donated vehicles to auction and use the proceeds to further their charitable works. The more money they can get for a vehicle, the better it is for them. Additionally, vehicles that are not likely to sell for more than the costs of towing and processing cannot be accepted because it would result in a net loss to them. Your truck need not be pristine but it should at least be in running condition.

Sometimes charities will accept vehicles that do not run if the only problem is a dead battery, a couple of missing hoses, or some other problem that can be fixed cheaply and easily. In such cases, though, you might consider doing the work yourself before donating. It will not increase your tax deduction as much as it will increase the charity's net gain (because you can only deduct the truck's fair-market value anyway) but charitable giving is not just about your benefit, right?

Finding a Worthy Charity to Receive Your Truck Donation

The best charities keep their administrative costs low so that the bulk of their funds can go into their charitable works. Do not be afraid to ask to see financial information or talk to someone who can give that information to you verbally. Your donation should go to the type of charity you most want to support and the specific charity that will spend the proceeds of your truck donation where they will do the most good.

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