Tsunami Car Donations

Written by Rylee Newton
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If you want to help out with continuing tsunami relief efforts, there are plenty of charitable organizations that are in need of your help. If you don't have extra cash on hand, but you want to help, you can donate a vehicle to this cause. Many relief organizations have resources available to turn your vehicle donation into cash for rebuilding efforts in areas throughout South Asia.

If you plan on donating a vehicle for tsunami relief, it's always a good idea to donate your car to an organization that has some experience with disaster relief efforts. As you may know, a number of different charities have cropped up recently to help relief efforts. These charities may not have the kind of resources to deliver relief to the area in a timely manner. If you want to make a difference when it is needed most, it's important to give to an organization that is fully staffed, trained, and equipped to handle the devastation in South Asia.

Donate Cars Wisely

If you are thinking about donating your money or your property to a charity, you need to review the mission statement for the program or organization. Any charity that makes big promises but doesn't outline plans for implementation should be avoided. Most legitimate charities provide donors with financial reports and other documentation of their activities as well.

When dealing with cash or property donations, it's important to make sure you donate to a charity that is eligible for tax-exempt status with the IRS. This not only helps to ensure that you can write-off your donation, but it also ensures you're working with a legitimate charitable organization. Besides checking the IRS status, you may want to see what types of relief are being provided specifically.

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