Vehicle Donation Programs

Written by Rylee Newton
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Vehicle donation programs benefit a wide variety of charitable organizations. The money from the sale of your car goes directly to organizations that provide food for the homeless, relief to countries ravaged by war and natural disasters, and inner city education programs. You can find charitable organizations that build homes for the needy, protect animals from cruelty, raise funds for medical research, and increase awareness of social, political and religious causes.

Finding the Right Vehicle Donation Programs

You may be interested in funding money for the treatment and prevention of AIDS. The movement to aid developing nations, where over 90 percent of those with AIDS live, has been growing. In sub-Saharan Africa alone, there are 250 million men, women, and children with AIDS. Many charities have been responding to the call by setting up care facilities and education programs in these countries.

When choosing where to donate your vehicle, you will want to see what kinds of programs the charity you choose has set up. Are those programs effective? Do they have an annual report you can check out? Are they certified by the IRS as a not-for-profit organization?

You will also want to take into consideration the more basic questions. Will they tow your car for free? What do you need to qualify for a tax deduction? Any reputable charity or donation organization will be able to answer these questions and any others you may have regarding vehicle donation.

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