Where To Donate Cars

Written by Johnny Kitchens
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The hardest part about donating a car to charity was never how to do it, but where. If you wanted to, you could just drive to any charitable organization and sign over the title. They could stick a sign on it and sell it or they could drive it around themselves. The trick was in finding the organization that would accept it, who had the time to do the paperwork and watch over it until someone came forward to buy it. Most charities would much rather have just had a check.

That started to change, though, when charities realized how many unneeded cars were around and how willing people were to part with them to help a charitable cause and get a tax break. As they started pursuing car donations, and the volume of donations grew, they realized they were spending inordinate amounts of time transporting and processing those vehicles. Eventually, charities started working with companies that would handle the transporting and processing for small fees.

Now, most charities have the capability to accept car donations and are more than happy to accept vehicles in all conditions as long as they run and their sale can do more than cover expenses. To find a charity that will take your donation, you can look online, in newspapers, on television, or in the phone book. It rarely takes more than a call or two to your favorite charities to find one that will take your old car.

Sending Your Car where It Will Do the Most Good

Charities are not all equal. Some charities are more frugal with their resources than others. They are also required to disclose their financial statements if you ask so that you can see how much money goes to charitable work and how much of it goes to people in the organization. This is not to say people working in charitable organizations should live in poverty or that the organizations should be understaffed, but the bulk of the money that comes in should go towards furthering their work.

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