Buy A Motor Home

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Motor home use has burgeoned in the last 25 years, and, despite ups and downs, motor homes have maintained their appeal. Who doesn't respond to getting away from it all, and feeling released from daily routines and hassles? The whole idea of taking off to new places brings images of fun-filled days and exciting experiences.

Some people are so smitten with the lure of the open road that they become full-timers. Many sell their homes and commit themselves to a life of travel, meeting new people, and jumping into whatever comes along. Whether you just want a weekend RV or a permanent home on wheels, there are RVs galore to choose from.

Criteria for Choosing and RV

RVs come in many different lengths, styles, and types, and they can be basic, lightweight RVs or extravagant behemoths. Some obvious considerations are your financial resources, your credit rating, and your lifestyle. Few of us are so wealthy that we don't have to consider favorable interest rates and affordable monthly payments.

Your lifestyle is critical. If you just want an RV for weekend use, there are many models among travel trailers, campers, and perhaps even the smaller class C's that would be satisfactory. If, however, you will be a full-timer, you'll want sturdier construction, better insulation, and more amenities. You'll probably need a class A or C motor home in order to have the space and comfort that will make full-timing a pleasure.

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