Camper Financing

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Perhaps your family loves to get out of the city and awaken to the sounds of nature and the smell of the forest. Weekends, holidays and vacations find you hitting the road for sparsely populated areas for a little welcome peace and quiet. If this sounds good to you, a camper might just fit your needs.

A slide-in camper is ideal for short, temporary getaways that don't require all the appliances and sturdiness of RVs intended for full-timing. If you already have a pickup truck, all you need to do is select a camper that is a match for the weight and length limitations of the truck. Like a snail with its shell, you are then outfitted to take off for remote locales with basic features that will serve your needs for a jaunt to the boondocks.

Camper Financing Is Affordable

Camper loans are far more affordable than loans for, say, a $250,000 class A motor home. For a few thousand dollars, a brand new camper with sleeping arrangements for the family and basic amenities can be purchased and installed on a truck. You then have a home, a utility vehicle in your truck, and tow capabilities for a boat.

Flexibility is one of the advantages of campers; if you're going to be staying in one place for a while, you can remove the camper to use the truck. This arrangement is especially convenient during the times when you will not be going camping, because the separation of camper and pickup makes day-to-day use of the truck easier. You save on gas because you are not carrying the extra weight, and you have a more adaptable vehicle. Camper financing is probably within the range of many families, as the low prices for campers make them affordable for most budgets.

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