Car Finance

Written by Jen Nichol
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Car finance has changed a lot in the past few years. It used to be that the finance and insurance process was tense and time-consuming, for both dealer and customer. Now, with the modern tool of menu selling, the entire process becomes much more palatable to the customer, and more streamlined and efficient for the dealer. Traditional, outmoded selling methods, like step-selling, are falling by the wayside in favor of stronger, better techniques.

Car finance no longer needs to be a lengthy process. What used to take hours can now take minutes with the advent of menu selling. Menu selling offers the client all the products all the time, taking care of legalities and disclosure demands. A customer who knows that they are getting all the pertinent information with which to make a decision will be a satisfied, loyal customer long into the future.

New Car Finance Tools

Traditionally, people who wanted to buy a car or yacht were leery of the stressful finance and insurance process. In fact, this process often drove away business. With menu selling, however, both client and dealer can take part in a more effective and less stressful process.

Car finance doesn't have to be painful. There is finance menu software and finance training out there to ease the transition from old, outmoded sales techniques to modern menu selling applications. The future of automotive finance is here!

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