Menu Selling

Written by Jen Nichol
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Menu selling is a new, proven method of improving finance and insurance income. It's a new era we're living in, one rife with class-action lawsuits and suspicious automotive customers. Menu selling is a transparent, very open method of selling finance and insurance products, one in which the customer can see everything available, and which protects the dealer.

Menu selling is a way of satisfying modern legalities with no hidden costs and with full disclosure. It's a great way to put the customer at ease and to protect yourself from the backlash of an angry consumer. Menu selling offers all of the products available to the consumer at once, so that the dealer or salesperson does not approach the customer with only a few cars or products in mind.

Menu selling really streamlines the finance and insurance process. Instead of the hours it can take to get financing in order, a process that actually drives business away, customers can get their financing taken care of in under half an hour. Customers say that the faster the finance and insurance presentation, the happier they will be.

What is Menu Selling?

Menu selling is just what it sounds like. Instead of the time-consuming, traditional step-selling process, the finance and insurance professional offers the client a "menu" of what's available. The customer then has all of the options they need to make the choice they want.

Menu selling improves the bottom line for dealerships. By halving the amount of time that consumers spend in finance and insurance, this approach frees up resources for a more efficient workplace. Making the customer happy while protecting the dealer makes good sense.

Menu Selling Creates Loyal Customers

Menu selling is an opportune way to create loyal customers. This modern, much-tested method not only saves you time, but lets your clients know that you are being absolutely up front with them, and offering them all of your valued products. There is even menu selling software to facilitate the transition from step-selling to this newer, more productive method.

Finance training is so vital to success in the industry. Any truly spectacular finance and insurance professional will tell you that putting the customer first is long-term thinking that pays big dividends. Loyal and satisfied customers will refer their friends and family to your dealership if you cultivate a trusting relationship with them right from the start.

Car sales training should always include instruction on menu sales. Every employee of a dealership should be on the same page, so as not to confuse the client. Motor vehicle finance is experience big changes as customers become more demanding of transparent business practices, and staying on top of them is a smart move.

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