Motor Home Financing

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Before you obtain your motor home financing, you must select one model from the hundreds of brands, styles, and lengths that are manufactured every year. This challenge is made easier if you base it on practical considerations, such as how often you will be taking it on the road. Most families probably use an RV for vacations, so although the vehicle need not be outfitted for full-time living, it must be able to keep a family secure and comfortable for up to a month.

Vacation Features of an RV

This means the bathroom should have all the amenities within a closed space, rather than extending into the passageway, for instance. There should be curtain/screens that can be drawn at certain points for privacy. The kitchen, or galley, need not be fancy, but it should have a good-size refrigerator and a stove with an adequate number of burners.

Most of the appliances and furniture can be basic for short-term travel. The structure of the RV doesn't have to be as durable as a motor home used full-time in all kinds of weather, but it should be able to stand up to children's play. If winter trips are to be scheduled, the insulation should be good enough to maintain a comfortable environment.

Either inspect the RV you have in mind or have an expert do it. Motor homes are made in varying degrees of quality, and if you do not know the differences in materials and craftsmanship, have a knowledgeable RV mechanic go over it. Nasty surprises are not welcome on the road.

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