Motor Home Refinancing

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Refinancing a relatively new motor home is a good idea if it is a well-built brand and you are planning to keep it awhile. Unfortunately, there are many shoddy motor homes out there, so a solid home that is built to high standards with excellent quality control is a find. Refinancing will result in lower payments, which should increase the pleasure of owning a superior travel vehicle.

Quality Control in RVs

You might be surprised to find out that there are few standards imposed on motor home manufacturers. Most safety features are voluntary. Few statistics are available on RV accidents, and no federal agency oversees the manufacture of RVs. Basically, the RV industry is on its own, and a particular manufacturer suffers no reprisals--fines or suspensions--because of failures in its products.

The appeal of the huge class A's is undeniable, yet most of them lack fundamental safety features. They have no good crash area in front, and no controls on the spread of fire. There are no regulations for construction that would protect the structure of the RV in a rollover. There are no regulations requiring protection of passengers in a collision. Before buying a class A, at least investigate the brand and model you are interested in on the websites and books published by those promoting safety in the manufacture of RVs.

This is all the more reason for potential buyers of any type of RV to educate themselves not only about the various materials and methods of constructing a motor home, but about the manufacturers of recreational vehicles. Some companies have an excellent reputation based on years of consistent performance. Some companies fail to follow the most elementary standards for construction. You can research RV models year by year in publications by consumer groups.

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