New Boat Loans

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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If you don't learn about boating before you get your new boat loan, do so before taking your boat out for a first run. Not only are there many federal and state laws and regulations to abide by, but there are safety concerns that should be dealt with. Your well-being and that of your family and friends may depend on how seriously you take the responsibility for safety that goes with operating a boat.

Safety is the watchword of the Coast Guard. As the federal agency whose mission is enforcing maritime laws and protecting vessels and passengers, the Coast Guard provides the boating public with detailed information about boating safety. If your new loan recently came through and you just bought your first powerboat, be sure you know the applicable laws and the rules of boating that might save your life.

Pay Attention to the Weather

Anyone who sails or takes a boat out onto any waterway, sea, or ocean, should respect the power of nature in the form of weather. It is just common sense to listen to the very latest weather forecast before setting out on your journey. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) weather radio has continuous broadcasts on VHF-FM. If warnings are in effect, you might be disappointed to do so but it's a good idea to postpone your jaunt until another day.

If you are already underway, know your clouds and their significance, and be aware of shifting winds that may indicate a change in the weather. Keep a sharp lookout for dark, ominous clouds that may forewarn of stormy weather. Another indicator of a possible squall and thunderstorm is serious static on your AM radio. Should you get caught in a thunderstorm, put on your life jacket, stay below deck, and avoid metal objects.

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