Recreational Vehicle Financing

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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If you follow the trend of most consumers who need recreational vehicle financing, you will want slideouts on your RV. These great conveniences have become major features of trailers and motor homes since the 1980s, and their increasing popularity shows their appeal to consumers. Operated with electrical switches, they slide in when you are ready to go on the road, and slide out to create extra space when you are parked.

Initially, there were engineering problems, but those were mostly worked out by the late 1990s. With the advent of electrical switches for operation, demand for slideouts mushroomed, and they remain among the most favored features of RVs. Huge class As do not have as much need for extra space as smaller vehicles, but even those come with as many slideouts as possible.

Cautions about Slideouts in Motor Homes

These conveniences allow more space when the RV is parked, but maintain a compact profile while the RV is moving. Living area slideouts have obvious advantages for families or for couples who have guests over, and bedroom slideouts expand the sleeping area when in use. Although these features solve the problem of cramped living space, there are concerns associated with them.

The problem comes from the way slideouts are included in the RV. A large hole must be left in the structure in order to insert the slideout. This means the overall structural strength is weakened, and many motor homes do not do well in rollovers, to say the least. If you find slideouts irresistible, and consumers obviously do, get an inspection to evaluate how well the structure of the motor home has been protected by the manufacturer.

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