Sail Boat Loans

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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What a thrill to master the rigging on a sail boat and be able to harness the wind to go where you want! People who sail, with or without auxiliary power, must have a feel for the way their boats handle, and must register every current of air. A puff, a gust, a breeze, or a shift from the prevailing wind--these nuances are essential to sailors.

Whether you want a small sail boat or a larger, schooner-type boat, you probably need marine financing. Today, there are excellent boat loan companies that specialize in financing powerboats, sail boats, and yachts, whether new or used. Sail boats require special handling and require special attention to weather phenomena by those intrepid sailors who venture far from land.


Downbursts are caused by thunderstorms, and are similar in effect to wind shear on aircraft. Of course, all thunderstorms and dangerous weather should be avoided, but one of the characteristics of downbursts is their sudden occurrence with winds that may exceed 130 mph. Although a small area is affected, several downbursts may occur in a short time, in which case a sail boat can easily capsize.

If caught on the open ocean, turn your boat into the wind and reef your sails to minimize wind resistance. Secure all loose items and rigging, and put on your life jacket if you haven't been wearing it. Finally, make ready any inflatable rafts and visual distress apparatus, and review operation of your marine radio.

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