Travel Trailers Loans

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Travel trailers are a favorite of people who like to travel spontaneously. Hitch up the trailer to your pickup, family car, or SUV, and away you go. Perfect for weekends and vacations, travel trailers provide shelter and some homelike amenities on the road without having to be combined with a motor like the class A motor homes.

You do, however, have to tow it with a vehicle, which is a disadvantage if you don't already own a vehicle that can pull the weight. On the other hand, when you arrive at a destination, you can unhitch the trailer, leave it in your campground space, and use the family car to tour, go to eat, or buy supplies. One of the big advantages is that you get a mini-home minus the hefty price tag of class A's and class C's because you aren't paying for a motor vehicle.

Kinds of Travel Trailers

There are four main types of trailers to choose from. As with all motor home choices, which one is best depends on your intended use. The trailer coach is a favorite with families because they can load it up and head for the beach or the state park. These trailers sleep several people, have room for playing cards and board games in bad weather, and don't require a huge loan for financing.

Fifth wheels became very popular beginning in the late 1970s and they have maintained their top position today. Often 30-40 feet in length, they have become a preferred choice for many full-timers who don't want to spend the money for relatively expensive class A's. Fold-down trailers offer the convenience of a tent on wheels that is portable and easy to tow. There are also telescoping trailers, which have the advantage of contracting the volume and weight of trailers with rigid structures.

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