Used Boat Loans

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Perhaps you cannot afford a brand new fishing boat, deck boat, or pontoon. Not only that, but the depreciation factor strikes you as one more good reason to buy a used boat. Maybe you love boating and fishing and recreating, but won't be using a boat that much and don't want to invest a lot of money in one.

Whatever the reason, used boat loans make sense and are available from marine financing companies that provide broad services to consumers. They also have instant approval for qualified applicants, so there is no delay in purchasing the boat you think is a good deal. Learning about operating a boat and about boating in general is just as important with a used boat as a new one, however.

Aids to Navigation

This is another area of responsibility for the Coast Guard. Aids to navigation are essential to the safety of vessels on the waterways and the territorial waters of the United States. These are like road signs on our highways because they relay traffic and hazard information to boaters. These beacons and buoys are to be used with charts, which all boaters should have on board.

Beacons are permanently fixed in place; buoys float on water. Lighted beacons, or lights, could be lighthouses; unlighted beacons are called daybeacons. All, however, have distinctive markings that make them easily identifiable in daytime. Buoys use shape and color or sound to transmit information to a boater. Needless to say, boaters should use charts for local waters that explain the particular aids, and keep a safe distance from beacons and buoys.

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