350 Vortec

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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Why does the 350 Vortec remain so consistently popular with automotive types? Perhaps it's because the engine delivers the perfect mix of performance and practicality in one. With a 350 Vortec you get power and efficiency at the same time, thanks to GM's patented technology that puts a vortex directly in the engine's combustion chamber.

The result of this design is a better gas-to-air mixture that improves the combustion process. This "vortex technology," as it was called, was first seen in the 4.3-liter V6 engine designed by GM in 1986. Since then, the name has endured to become part of the everyday engineering lexicon and has come to signify durability, power, and economy--all in one.

Your 350 Vortec Engine

Consumers typically grumble about some kind of trade-off in the engine world. Once they find an engine with enough horsepower and torque to satisfy them, poor mileage invariably comes with it. And when the mileage is strong, the towing capacity is less than desirable. The Vortec engine was built as a response to consumers' constantly changing needs.

Today, the most popular Chevy engines continue to bear the Vortec name. The 350 HO, 350 Deluxe, the GMR, and a host of other crate engines all capitalize on this long-standing technology to give drivers the best of all worlds. And most importantly, Vortec engines tend to require far less maintenance than other GM motors, which not only reduces headaches, but repair costs as well.

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