Acura Body Kits

Written by Michael Federico
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The Acura Integra is one of the premiere racing sport compact cars in the world today. The Integra has not only taken the American race scene by storm, but it has made the rounds in Europe and Asia, as well. It's a powerful compact, and it looks as though it was built to fly, which cannot be said for the majority of sport compacts on the market.

While an Integra coming straight from the factory handles well and has solid acceleration, anyone who races in the car is going to make several modifications. A car can always go faster and it can always look better. One of the most effective changes a driver can make to his Integra is altering the body with an Acura full body kit.

What Does a Body Kit Do?

A body kit will change the look of a car. Most kits come ready-to-paint, so a person can choose colors and designs that compliment the vehicles sleek new look. The change in shape of the car is a more aerodynamic one, so wind resistance will be reduced, and speed will be increased.

Speed is really what body kits are all about. Body kits like the VIS Racing Ace and Racing Ballistix series are lightweight and built to roll. Once these kits are in place, acceleration will increase, and the car will be easier to handle at higher speeds. Many of these body kits like the VIS Racing Battle Z series have been tested on the tracks for years. They don't weigh much, but they're durable, holding up after being pushed to the limit time and time again.

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