Acura Catalytic Converters

Written by Charles Peacock
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Most Acura owners are interested in performance, so replacing your Acura's catalytic converter may have given you the idea that you can simultaneously make your car faster. The old adage is that catalytic converters are unnecessary (from a driving perspective) and only slow your car down. While this was true years ago, today catalytic converters serve a vital anti-pollution function and do very little in the way of reducing your car's performance.

Don't Mess with Your Converter!

If your catalytic converter has gone bad, you could be faced with two problems. The first problem is that you risk failing your emissions test, which could mean that you are unable to register your car until you fix the catalytic converter. The more obvious and immediate problem could be that your car is running very poorly. This is a common side effect of an old or damaged catalytic converter.

Some car enthusiasts will tell you that driving without a catalytic converter is fine, if not better. When faced with a broken catalytic converter, they'll suggest simply boring out the guts of the converter. Doing this makes it nothing more than a metal tube--no emissions are removed as the exhaust passes through.

While it is true that boring out your catalytic converter could increase your car's performance, the small increase in horsepower you stand to gain is no tradeoff for the masses of pollutants you'll be releasing into the atmosphere. In addition, boring out your converter all but assures you that you will fail any emissions test required by your state.

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