Acura Mufflers

Written by Charles Peacock
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If you're looking to replace the muffler on your Acura, you probably have gotten a taste of what the world would be like without mufflers. Needless to say, it isn't pleasant. Luckily, replacing a muffler on your Acura is one of the simplest and cheapest repairs you can do--it's even possible to install the new muffler yourself!

Why Mufflers Do What They Do

Most people probably don't realize how much noise a car engine really makes. Sound-dampening technology has improved so much over the years that some cars can drive by without you hearing much more than the sound of the wind. But inside each amazingly quiet car lies a terrible secret: an engine that is so loud it has taken teams of engineers decades just to quiet it down.

Removing your muffler completely would give you the best idea as to the noise your engine is capable of making (although it's not recommended). But why are engines so loud? The easy explanation is that a gasoline engine produces a controlled explosion several hundred times a minute.

Explosions, as most of us know, are pretty loud. Luckily, car engines filter most of the sound of the explosion through thick pipes and back to that trusty muffler. Inside the muffler there are various finely-tuned instruments that act to absorb and even cancel out the sound of the exhaust.

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