Acura Spark Plug Wires

Written by Jeremy Horelick
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A good set of Acura spark plug wires can improve your car's performance across the board. Not only will you receive more powerful sparks thanks to more efficient electrical conduction, you'll also lessen the chance of misfires as well. Drivers who've upgraded their Acura's spark plug wires also note better (i.e. smoother) acceleration to boot.

The reasons for these gains isn't merely hotter or more powerful sparks, but longer sparks as well. This is critical for machines that are finely tuned and synchronized for mechanical excellence. Adjust the timing of your ignition by mere milliseconds, and your spark advance or delay can result in a litany of problems. Protracting the duration of your sparks is one safeguard against this.

A Brief History of Spark Plugs

The spark plugs and wires found in the engines of your TSX and NSX models are a far cry from those pioneered by Oliver Lodge in the late 19th century. Lodge, who lent his name to the first "igniter," was one of radio's pioneers and used his technical expertise to make inroads into spark plug technology. It's safe to say that his understanding of radio wave interference helped inform his first spark plug designs, even though there were no "computerized" cars during his era.

The electric spark ignition system that Lodge engineered is for all intents and purposes the same as that found in your sporty new Integra. The plugs still consist of two electrodes separated by a "gap" that must be bridged by the current on its way to the plug tip. Of course, the plugs found in today's Acuras and other fine automobiles manage to conduct these impulses far more powerfully and effectively.

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