Aftermarket Auto Parts

Written by Michael Federico
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The auto aftermarket consists of wholesalers, retailers, and specialty supply shops that sell parts and accessories that can be used in the repair or refinishing of cars and trucks. In the beginning, the majority of people who purchased aftermarket parts were owners of auto body shops, mechanics, and people who simply wanted to work on their own cars. It was a great way for a person to minimize costs for repairs and to add flourishes and touchups to his car that could not be provided by dealers or traditional auto parts stores.

Over the years, the aftermarket has developed into something very different. It is still possible to find almost any car part at a shop that sells aftermarket products, but mechanics and storeowners are not necessarily the main customers anymore. There are countless aftermarket auto parts that are specifically geared toward people who partake in the ever popular, almost always illegal street racing.

Types of Aftermarket Auto Parts

A person who simply wants to do some minor engine work or wants to replace his shocks can still benefit from buying aftermarket supplies. Prices on products are usually much lower than they would be at the majority of retailers. However, most people who turn to the aftermarket are looking for supplies they can’t find at the local Pep Boys.

There are stores and online services dedicated to carrying items such as nitrous oxide systems, cat back exhaust systems, underbody neon kits, fiberglass body kits, and many more items that will either set a car apart from those around it in visual or performance terms. Basically, if a person wants his car to go really, really fast he should look for parts from an aftermarket service.

Are There Parts for Any Type of Car?

Most distributors of aftermarket parts can accommodate almost any automobile. This includes both domestic cars and imports of relatively any size. Most distributors will not carry antique parts, focusing instead on cars built after the 1950s.

Even among aftermarket parts dealers there are specialists. For instance, there are some that only handle parts for Japanese or Italian cars. There are also services that only sell parts to be used for sport compact cars. There are several different makes and models that fall into this category, but most are of a similar size and share the capacity for both speed and mobility.

Ordering Aftermarket Auto Parts

Almost every auto repair shop in the world deals with aftermarket parts. However, if a person is looking for hard-to-find items, his best bet is to seek out a specialty shop or turn to the Internet. Going online is often the only option for many people, as there are not shops in every city that will carry the supplies they are looking for.

Most aftermarket websites allow a person to order any item online. The best sites will provide detailed photos and descriptions of every product they are selling. They will also supply a person with installation instructions and any other information that is necessary in order for the buyer to get the most out of the part.

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