Air Filters

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Air filters remove airborne contaminants from your engine, thereby improving its performance and fuel efficiency. These filters have to balance the need for good air flow with the need to filter impure particles from the vehicle's engine. Consistent use of good-quality filters will help extend the overall life of your engine.

A good air filter should be able to do three major things. It should trap dirt, keep it trapped (the more it can hold, the better), and keep a good air flow going. These things, along with high-quality synthetic motor oil and routine maintenance, will keep your engine clean and running smoothly, greatly reducing wear and tear.

Other Benefits of Good Air Filters

Besides better engine performance, good filters should also be environmentally beneficial. They should yield better fuel economy so you use less gas and decrease the amount of harmful exhaust emissions. Also, they should have a large enough capacity so that you save money on replacement filters.

Some filters, like Amsoil air filters, are even washable and reusable, saving you more money while eliminating more waste. When you shop for air filters, always consider the total value of what you're buying. You'll get more for your money when you purchase a reusable filter made from high-quality materials than one cheaply made out of thin paper.

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