Air Intake Systems

Written by Michael Federico
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The right air intake system can determine who crosses the finish line first. It is as simple as that. The best systems can produce enough power to increase a car up to 15hp. There are also systems that are designed specifically to perform in the heat of the moment. When extra torque or horsepower are needed, these systems will be there to supply it. They perform at their best when it’s necessary, as opposed to when the car is being taken out for a leisurely drive.

While air intake systems are mainly designed for race enthusiasts, there are models that will serve show cars, as well. These systems are made from a highly polished stainless steel. The design creates unique lines on the car, causing it to stand out from all of the others on display.

Types of Air Intake Systems

There are a number of different brands and styles of cold air intake systems on the market. There are some for people who are looking for mid-range power, and there are others that shoot for maximum top-end performance. There are single and dual chamber intake systems that function differently and produce different results. One of the latest dual chamber models employs the use of sound waves to help charge the cylinders with air. It is effective when the car is in a low or high rpm phase.

Air intake systems continue to evolve. It is not uncommon for one to become outdated in a very short time. This fact has caused many people to replace their systems on a regular basis. This, of course, can become extremely expensive. However, there are online distributors that carry a variety of systems at far lower prices than most local shops. These services carry the latest systems that exploit all of the latest technology.

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