Aluminum Shift Knobs

Written by Michael Federico
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When cars take to the track, even the smallest advantage can make the difference between who wins and who loses. So many drivers spend all of their time and money working on the major components of the car. This is, of course, important, because a vehicle without engines and body kits built for performance will not compete. However, racers that are committed to truly getting the most out of their cars will give some attention to the small details. They know that the littlest addition to the smallest part of the car can pick them up a tenth of a second, and in the world of racing, that is a lifetime.

Aluminum shift knobs are thought of by many as being unnecessary and for appearances only. While their sleek design does add a nice touch to the interior of a car, a well-crafted shift knob can enhance the car's performance, as well. A CNC billeted aluminum knob allows for precision in shifting that does not occur with traditional knobs. It eliminates unwanted movement and ensures that the car will respond faster to a change in gear.

Aluminum Shift Knob Styles

Aluminum knobs can be found for several different cars. There is a wide range of models designed specifically for sport compacts, dragsters, trucks, and even some sedans.

Most aluminum pieces can be found in silver, white, blue, black, or red. They can be etched with customized insignias that reflect the overall look of the car or the personality of the driver. The majority of these specialty knobs can be found for under $40.

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