Written by Rachel Arieff
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AMSOIL is a major name in motor oil, grease, gear lube, two-cycle oil, air filters, and oil filters. Founded by Al Amatuzio, the company invented its first synthetic lubricants in 1972. This company's chief values are its commitment to superior quality, the belief that its customers appreciate the best products available, and a commitment to constant technical innovation.

The company consists not only of its corporate headquarters and manufacturing plants, but also its state-of-the-art laboratories. These labs utilize advanced technologies to come up with new discoveries and improved products in the field of industrial lubricants. Plus, with 14 North American distribution centers, Amsoil keeps a steady supply of its products flowing to consumers.

Amsoil and the Environment

What puts Amsoil at the forefront, though, isn't solely the performance quality of its products. While this is certainly important, the company has taken leadership in another area: environmental management. This is perceived by the company not as a "do-gooder" or public relations mentality, but an utter necessity in these times of environmental crises.

This company recognizes that its products have an inevitable impact on the environment. That's why it is constantly innovating its products to be more ecologically sound. For example, one of its accomplishments is the creation of a synthetic motor oil that need be changed far less frequently than the 3,000 miles that is generally recommended.

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