Amsoil Gear Oil

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Amsoil gear oil comes in many varieties, depending on what kind of vehicle you're driving. Amsoil offers gear oil for low temperatures, gear oil for racing cars and high-performance vehicles, and heavy duty gear lubricant for chain saws and machine tools. Depending on what you need, Amsoil probably has the right gear oil for you.

All Amsoil products have the seal of quality behind them. With 30 years in the business and a steady track record of exceeding performance standards for its products, Amsoil has earned the respect and trust of auto parts dealers, race car drivers, and heavy machinery operators alike. Amsoil has even been named the "Official Oil" of the Promotion Company of Indiana, which sponsors off-road and monster truck events.

Amsoil Gear Oil Delivers Quality

So what type of gear oil do you need? Do you need a good heavy-duty lubricant for machine tools? Then check out Amsoil's Semi- Semi-Synthetic WL Series. These gear oils are designed for extreme pressure and are engineered to protect your equipment from oxidation and pitting as well as general wear and tear.

Are you looking for gear oil for a racing vehicle or heavy commercial vehicle? Then the Series 2000 Synthetic Gear Lube may be for you.
This Amsoil gear oil is made for extreme pressures, offering excellent head and load and friction control. Whether you're a race car driver, a truck driver, or a regular driver who just wants the best for your car, this Amsoil gear oil comes highly recommended.

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