Auto Headlamps

Written by Devin Flanigan
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Auto headlamps are crucial for safe driving. Given the desire of car owners these days to customize, however, many drivers are getting auto headlamps that are designed for more than just functional safety. With add-ons like Altezza lights, drivers get to show off in style and class. More and more, it seems like driving is an event--not just a method of transportation from A to B.

That being said, it's important to focus on the safety aspects as well. I was just driving home on the Los Angeles freeways, and I spotted two cars, each one missing a headlight. While the drivers could still see out their windows, the absence of one of the headlamps presented a clear safety hazard. Since we rely on binocular vision to give us a clear field of view, it's important that both lights function.

Auto Headlamps Safety

Unfortunately, lackadaisical enforcement has led many to the belief that driving with one headlight is okay. However, the law states that such a practice is clearly out of bounds. The statistics confirm that driving with only one working headlight increases your chance of getting into an accident. So how can you better protect yourself when driving?

First of all, if you do encounter a problem with your auto headlamps while driving at night, don't take any risks. Pull over as soon as you can, and then go to the parts dealer or mechanic the next day to outfit your car. Don't let the problem fester. Figure out how to take care of it ASAP, so that you won't stress out every time you want to leave your garage.

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