Automatic Fluid Transmission Type

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Automatic fluid transmission types vary greatly. Trucks, passenger cars, race cars, and commercial vehicles all contain automatic transmissions. Each type of vehicle's internal machinery is greatly different from the other. Accordingly, lubricants manufacturers offer different types of automatic transmission fluid.

Certain transmissions, such as those for heavy-duty powershift transmissions, require an automatic fluid transmission type that will guard unfailingly against friction on parts and withstand high temperatures. They also require smooth gear shifting, and the ability to be able to successfully apply wet brakes is also crucial. A fluid that fulfills these demands will also improve fuel efficiency and reduce overall engine wear.

Other Automatic Fluid Transmission Types

Automatic transmission fluid should have a long service life. Everyone wants to get the most out of what they paid for, and a good transmission fluid should increase efficiency to where waste is minimal and equipment life is increased. A long service life also means less used fluid gets thrown out, creating less of an impact on the environment.

Some automatic fluid transmission types are specially designed for race cars and high performance vehicles. This means it must handle high-horsepower, high torque situations. This kind of fluid must have a high holding capacity for maximum braking effectiveness and torque transfer. This will also result in longer clutch plate life and less engine wear.

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