Automatic Transmission Fluid

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Automatic transmission fluid comes in many different brands, qualities, and prices. Always be sure to buy top of the line products when it comes to lubricants for your vehicle. Though it may be tempting to buy cheap, especially in today's tough economic times, saving a few dollars on an inferior product-be it synthetic motor oil, industrial lubricants, or oil filters--won't save you anything in the long run.

Once you factor in the typical consequences of inferior-quality industrial lubricants--waste, inefficiency, inevitable down time and maintenance costs, and just the plain old headache factor--you'll see that it's much wiser to invest in the best. If you're not sure which companies manufacture the best automatic transmission fluid, ask around. Get the opinion of a knowledgeable salesperson, a reputable mechanic, or another automotive professional.

The Job of Automatic Transmission Fluid

A good automatic transmission fluid should resist rust and temperature degradation. It should protect your engine against wear and problems that arise from low temperatures. Superior-quality transmission fluids require less frequent draining and replacement than others.

Amsoil synthetic ATF is an example of a superior-quality transmission fluid because exceeds performance requirements. It provides excellent lubrication benefits to transmissions, hydraulics, and power steering equipment, even in extreme temperatures. Its superior performance is not affected by extreme temperatures, and it resists rust three to five times longer than ordinary transmission fluids.

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