Borla Exhaust

Written by Charles Peacock
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Borla is one of the most trusted names in performance exhaust systems. Like most other performance exhaust companies, they produce headers, mufflers and complete exhaust systems. Their products will fit virtually any make and model of automobile, past or present.

About Borla Exhaust

One of the obvious questions about performance exhaust systems is how much it can actually improve the performance of your engine. The exhaust system, after all, has nothing to do with the actual combustion or mechanical drive in your engine, so it might seem to many people that it can't make much of a difference. To the contrary, Borla claims that their products can improve your horsepower by five to 15 percent!

One of the disadvantages (or advantages, depending on your perspective) of performance exhaust systems is that their straight-through design usually means an increase in exhaust noise. Borla's performance mufflers are tuned to reduce sound as much as possible without decreasing performance, however. Another benefit is that they actually tune their mufflers to create the deep, throaty sound that many automotive enthusiasts love.

You may wonder if installing a Borla exhaust system on your car will void your warranty, since this can happen with many aftermarket parts. Borla insists that all of their products can be installed without interfering with your manufacturer's warranty. In fact, another added benefit of a performance exhaust system is a substantial increase in gas mileage!

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