Cam Gears

Written by Michael Federico
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For around $250, a driver can pick up cam gears that will greatly enhance the performance of his car. They allow for the adjustment of cam timing, which will make sure the car is getting the most out of its engine. The adjustment also optimizes horsepower and torque, meaning the vehicle will reach higher top speeds and take turns and corners more effectively.

The best cam gears have been put to the test by the pros for years. They have withstood the pressure and the grind inflicted upon them by the worst race conditions. This proven durability makes these top-of-the-line products worth the extra cost, and because they will have to be replaced less frequently they can actually end up saving a person money in the long run.

Cam Gear Designs

Some of the most durable cam gears are constructed from AL7075-T6 billet aluminum. Many of these gears use a six-bolt design that has been integral in reducing or entirely eliminating slippage, which can be a major problem for those who push their engines on a regular basis. Also, they often feature a hard anodized finish. This will prevent wear and stretch out the gear’s life even more.

Laser-etched timing marks allow for precision that cannot be gained with lower quality products. They allow for an adjustment of plus or minus ten degrees. Cam gears, regardless of quality or cost, should only be used if they meet manufacturer specifications, because even the best part on the wrong car can cause damage and create a safety hazard for the driver.

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